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Sun Grown For Natural Balance
Sun Grown for Natural Balance

Ostara Cannabis products are borne from sun-grown, farm-fresh cannabis that is grown with care at our farm in the wine country of central Missouri.

Our products are made with pure cannabis oil that is extracted exclusively from fresh flower that is grown under the sun and harvested at our farm in the heart of the Huzzah Valley.

Our sustainable agricultural practices allow us to provide the patients of Missouri with all-natural products at farm-to-table prices---and enable our customers to achieve a state of Natural Balance.

Sun Sweetened and Farm-Fresh
Sun Sweetened and Farm-Fresh

We grow our cannabis flower the way nature intended --- under the sun. Our natural cultivation methods allow our plants to reach their full-grown, sun-sweetened maturity before every harvest.

At Ostara Cannabis, we are proud to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and we are equally proud to pass the cost of savings for our farm-fresh products down to our customers.


At Ostara Cannabis, we hand-selected our strains for quality, purity, and flavor.

Just as the annual cycle of the sun allows for plants to flourish at various points in the harvest season, we cultivate strains that thrive in the spring, summer, and fall harvest seasons.

As a result, we consistently harvest flower that is hand-picked for seasonal variety and freshness.

Full Flower Cannabis Oil
Full Flower Cannabis Oil

While many cultivators produce oil from trim and other leftover biomass, we at Ostara Cannabis are proud to produce our oil exclusively from fresh flower harvested at our farm in the Huzzah Valley.

Fresh flower input material allows us to produce pure, potent and flavorful cannabis oil for inclusion in our family of infused products.

Our sun-sweetened, full-flower products deliver flavor and effects that are in a class of their own.

Celebrate the Sun
Celebrate the Sun

The Ostara Cannabis brand is inspired by our world’s agrarian roots.

We revere the time before the introduction of artificial lights and pesticides when farmers and their crops alike relied upon the sun to determine the annual harvest cycle.

The spring equinox , or Ostara, is the time of year when we experience equal amounts of daylight and darkness and also marks the unofficial beginning of Spring.

In the olden days, farmers would celebrate Ostara as the beginning of the Spring planting season, when they would gather with their families to enjoy the awakening of the Sun, the spirit of renewal, and the excitement for the harvest to come.

We at Ostara Cannabis tap into that spirit of renewal to cultivate farm-fresh products that enable our customers to achieve a state of Natural Balance.

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Ostara Cannabis products are produced from pure, sun grown cannabis. Our products contain vibrant terpene and flavor profiles derived from strains that are hand-selected to enable our customers achieve a state of natural balance. Our all-natural cannabis products are cultivated with care, and are offered at affordable prices.

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Ostara Gummies are made using premium, full flower distillate produced at our in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing lab at our farm in the Huzzah Valley. Each Pack of Ostara Gummies offers patients a variety of precisely dosed fruit-flavored treats as a form of discrete medication. Gummies provide long lasting relief and are an alternative form of medication for our patients.

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Ostara Star Tabs are offered are in 2mg tablets dosed with our sun grown, full flower distillate. Our Star Tabs come in vibrant fruit flavors that span the rainbow, and allow patients to medicate with precision.

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The Ostara Gold line is powered by our high-potency, sun-grown flower strains hand-selected to thrive in the Huzzah Valley sun. Our Gold Line includes our high potency infused products produced exclusively from our fresh, full-flower distillate, and also includes our line of high-dose edibles. Patients from all walks of life find relief from our high-dose, high-potency line of medicinal products.